About Us

ROC NW is a subsidiary program of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center – a nonprofit organization founded in 1979, located in Olympia, WA. Since 2009,  ROC NW has successfully organized resident purchase projects that have resulted in nine community owners receiving fair market value for their property in a reasonable and timely manner. The most recent closing was March 1, 2016.

A core component of ROC NW’s mission is to both update and upgrade perceptions about living in “trailer parks” to include new perspectives about the feasibility of “resident ownership”, the advantages of “community management”, and the “future legacy” of manufactured housing community development.

“I firmly believe this work is truly a win-win for community owners and residents alike.” – Ben Guss, founding Director of ROC-NW

ROC-NW works with both manufactured housing community owners interested in selling their property and qualified residents who wish to purchase the property their homes reside on. Our team specializes in bringing technical resources, business development training, and access to lender financing to the table – specifically for qualified residents who want to form legal, functional corporations, purchase property, and successfully run their new resident-owned property management business.